Marc Nagtzaam


Teniu fins dissabte 16 de Juliol per veure l’exposició de Marc Nagtzaam a la galeria ProjecteSD, a Barcelona. Cal que us digui que és obligat? Espectacular obra de l’artista, copi la informació que dona la galeria barcelonina d’aquest gran artista

Marc Nagtzaam´s medium is drawing. He uses abstracted elements from architecture, texts from magazines, details from found photographs, or even parts from previous drawings, as starting points for every series of works. The source material being reduced, he draws lines, circles, words or sentences, in meticulous, mostly colorless compositions. In many of his works a vivid, obsessive interest in the hypnotic plasticity of language is found. The idea of copy and repeatition appears as a ritual and an essential element in his work process. Reminiscent of minimal and conceptual aesthetics there is a degree of the freedom in Nagtzaam’s luminous compositions that lends his work an organic feel.

For his first solo show at ProjecteSD, Nothing Rhymes, Marc Nagtzaam presents a new series of drawings. Dieter Roelstraete introduces Nagtzaam´s work in his essay Twittering Machines written specifically for the artist´s exhibition at ProjecteSD.














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